Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Was a pleasant surprise, had picked it up fully expecting to give it up mid way. Wasn't too impressed with the previous Earth, and what I had heard of Fire.

But found it surprisingly well made. The story of the widows in Benaras is told gently, without much too much fuss. Yes it has most of the predictable things happening but its the lack of melo drama which made all the difference. No endless long drawn out weepy scenes with loud ding ding music in the background. And I really liked the fact that it did not end tritely with the remarriage. Things don't change overnight, and such is life..

Missed Nandita Das and couldn't help imagining what may have been instead of the terrible Lisa Ray. If only those stupid kachcha clads hadn't gone crazy. But then it was lovely to see Seema Biswas again. I think she's an exceptional actor, but.. The scene where she asks "Main kaisi dikhti hun" pretty much sums it up.

So if Water is anything to go by, there's hope yet for Air!

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