Monday, November 05, 2007

The flip side of growing up or rising in the ranks.

You get to see a lot more shit being created - no not just the end product but the actual evolution of the bull shit. And realise you're powerless and uinterested to do much about it.

I really want a demotion back to the ranks of foot soldiers- ignorant of what went on behind the scenes. I want to go back to cribbing without a thought of the reasons behind the results.

I want to be able to throw the greens and my egg into the dustbin, knowing that the only challenge is to escape mom's eye. Not having to know that having them will in the end make me the big loser or protein and iron.

And of course I want to be able to again believe that its logic and competence which determines staffing and its only the EvilManager who does otherwise. And not because the answer is 42.


giggles said...

Clueless ...............
What was this ?

Tess said...

Never mind, just a bad day at work and the realisation that its time to grow up now.

Good to see the giggles back! :)