Thursday, November 22, 2007


Is it a good thing to empathise? To be able to see easily what a person is feeling, and maybe not sympathise but at least empathise?

Would it really be a boon if we could read each others thoughts? I think not.

I think its bad enough that we can often see what someone else is feeling. I'd love to turn on some sensor blockers , and ignore things I don't want to see. Its not a big deal I know, but wouldn't it be nice now?


Niranjan said...

Certain actions and expressions are evident. Leaving those obvious circs. it is only when you have developed a sort of a relationship with the other person, you can contemplate his or her next act/expression/words. Like with your parents, you would be more predictable of their actions than someone else from outside. This ability can be a boon disguise, especially if you are interested in developing an intimate relationship with the person!

Tess said...

Its true that a some sort of relationship with the person will help to heighten your ability to predict their actions.

But I'm also talking not so much about predicting someone's next move, but just being aware of their current mood/ sensing the undercurrents.

Occasionally I walk into a room, and I can sense a low in a colleague , with whom I'd have interacted very few times, and with whom I'm not interested in developing the working relationship further at all, but it affects me all the same.

In fact I can be sensitive to the undercurrents which are not that evident so to speak, and there are plenty of times when I would rather just tune out!