Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Devil wears Prada

Caught part of the flick on the telly today. As far as I remember the reviews had pretty much panned it when it came, but two of my friends had recommended it some time back, so I decided to watch it. I found it watchable enough. Nothing to write home about, but then it didn't instigate an urge to switch off the TV either.

It had a dialog about "tell me when your world goes crashing down, it means you're in line for a promotion". It got me thinking about a sentence I've heard from at least 3 colleagues at work in the past 4 years. Colleagues whom I admire tremendously who I feel could have gone much further "professionally" speaking than they did.

"I now prefer to devote that time and energy to my family".

Sour grapes?
Simple matter of personal choice? After all some people just have different priorities?
The womens' inevitable job? ( yes incidentally? all 3 were women)

The first time I heard it, couple of years back, I didn't understand professional life enough to understand what goes on behind the scenes, what is really meant by time and energy and what it means to rise up in the ranks, or even what it takes, to really make a difference at the workplace.

Heard a variation of it again an year back , in a situation which was pretty stark. By then I understood a lot more of what was meant , what was implied and what were the costs.

And finally heard it again a month back from someone in a different organisation. However it came close on the heels of seeing a lot of politicking and scrambling and power struggles at closer quarters and I could see quite clearly what it meant.

I'm not sure how people strike a balance , but I guess a lucky few can juggle the glass and rubber balls with ease, the rest of us end up chucking one.

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