Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trek to Chembra peak.

I've only trekked once before in Mudumalai, but I remembered how much I enjoyed the climb, the breaks, the chit chat with friends also trekking away, the aching muscles and the final push to get right to the top and the final sense of achivement rewarded by a breathtaking view. So this time I'd didn't pass up the opportunity to go for another one, during a team building trip with from office to Wyanad. 11 of us started off after many false starts.

Strangely enough, the first hour was probably the toughest for me, and two of the gang also dropped out here. The sun was up, the sweat was pouring, the jeans uncomfortable, legs complaining,mouth dry.. Just when I was about to give up , we reached our first Milestone, the heart shaped lake. I quickly ran down , discarded shoes and socks and after having having waded in the cool if rather muddy water. I felt better , and decided to stick it out to the end.

After that the trek got easier for me although it was rather steep at places. Taking frequent breaks, with rationed water to moisten our lips, and a few toffees and biscuits, we soldiered on past the little peaks, until we could see the final two peaks.

These were soon christened as the achievable target and the stretch goal, - also known as the developers target and the managers target ;) The clouds frequently covered the sun to boost our spirits. And before I knew it, we had met the achievable target, and after some negotiations, everyone had been convinced to stretch for the final peak.

And pulling in the last reserves, there we were, right on top, enjoying the breathtaking view, after the 4-5 hour climb! All 9 of us were totally thrilled, and having taken the group snaps, we started the downward journey. I found the climb down a breeze, helped by the fact that the it was cloudy and the cool wind against my face was rather invigorating. With just one stop on the way back, we got back to base in about 1-2 hours.

Got back to the car, attacked the food with gusto, and then it was back to the resort.

Lessons Learnt -

1. That flabby stuff on my thighs actually hides some muscles which I'd forgotten all about.
They made their painful presence felt for the next 2 days, every time I got up , sat down or climbed up any stairs :)

2. The leeches are probably over hyped- No leeches attacked us, although there were swarms of dragonflies and also a bee which took a friendly peck at one us.

3. Good shoes are essential for trekking. :)

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