Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Travel Week!

Its been a good week, travelled a lot , met friends, met some new people whom I liked, saw some new things which I liked too.

Too bad it all came to an end, and now we're back to the grind , fearing tomorrow!

It started with a visit to Patiala with college friends to attend a friend's wedding. I must say that I was really impressed with the ceremony at the Gurdwara, it seemed so much better than the weddings I've attended, full of obscure, feudal and irritating stuff. Was amazed to see an elder friend of the family called up say a few words and he spoke so well, and with such relevance. That's something I've never seen in other Hindu weddings, whose vachans are so full of shit and there's no one to talk sense to even mitigate the effect.

This was followed up by a journey to Coorg after coming back to Bangalore. It was a really green and peacefull place. The sort of place I'd love to go off to for a week, go for long walks, splash barefeet in waterfalls, read books, and then look out to ponder over the book, and overlook an amazing view of the hills. We could only make the best of the 2 days we had, but it was nice while it lasted. Also saw an interesting thing I'd never seen before - a Hindu tomb! It was rather an interesting sight, the typical minarets, with bulls and ganesha carved all over!

Finished off with an impromptu, unplanned trip to Mysore, which I wasn't too keen on taking. Saw the Brindavan gardens and Chamndi hills again. Thats a place I'm not so enthused with anymore, it was chock a block full of ppl - most acco places were full. Although architecturally and historically it might be interesting, but its just too commercialised and I've visited it once too often.

And then before you knew it, the holidays were all over and there we were back in office, scanning email and wondering what to prioritise!

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