Thursday, October 25, 2007

Negotiation Skills

Attended the first day of the two day training yesterday before being summoned back to work, thus missing the full benefit of the session.

What did I learn? Lets see:

1) my own skills on this are extremely poor,
- that i could never bargain even in sarojini nagar should be a dead give away..

2) You should have a BATNA
- ( no relation to a banana, its a relative of TINA actually)

3) You should negotiate for a win win deal,
- hmm now thats a thing to chew over - I thought it was a always a war out there!

4) decisions are made emotionally and justified rationally ( or words to that affect)
- quotable quotes courtsey the (in)famous PM of igate), hmm again something to mull over

5) Learn to listen..
- the age old advice which we never follow!

umm there was more. including a very interesting case study of the "woman wanting to leave baby in creche and work", funny that no matter how well you think you've slotted people they always surprise you. But lets leave that discussion for another day.

Quite a bit more interesting than some of the other trainings I've attended!

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