Sunday, October 21, 2007

A League of Their Own

The movie was enjoyed again, putting the recently acquired dvd player to use.

Its a well made movie, chonicling the Women's Base Ball League during the WW years when men were hard to find, most having been sent off to battle elsewhere. It nicely puts in the story of the league being formed in the backdrop of the two sisters fighting it out. A bit which I hadn't noticed last time was the scene when the ball is thrown back from the sidelines by a black lady, ( oops African American). Liked the fact that it was there, just to leave you with the thought to dwell on.

Tom Hanks is of course my all time favourite, - right from the sidey "Splash" to the heart wrenching "Philadelphia", and of course all the way to "Forest Gump". He's adorable even when playing a bit of an butt slapping irritating coach :)

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