Friday, October 26, 2007

Ghazals 101

To recap the learnings of yesterdays chat with a friend:

- Kaafiya and Raadif, ( the rhyme and the repeat for dummies like me)
- Matla and Maqta, ( the first sher with kafiya and radif is the matla. The last sher, often having the pen name of the poet is the maqta.
- Beher ( the meter, both lines should have the same meter)
- A ghazal would typically have more than one shers of same beher.

अपनी मर्ज़ी से कहां अपने सफ़र के हम हैं
रुख हवाओं का जिधर है उधर के हम हैं

here the kafiya is the rhyme, ie udhar and safar.
the radif is the repeat in the end , ie "ke hum hain"

I leave to mull over those lines..
how true..


Niranjan said...

However Dr. Bashir Badr has contrary thoughts to Nida's, when he said:

हम भी दरिया हैं हमें अपना हुनर मालूम है,
जिस तरफ़ भी चल पड़ेंगे रास्ता हो जायेगा|

सर झुकाओगे तो पत्थर देवता हो जायेगा...


Tess said...

Yes the eternal debate..
Some days it seems like one, and on other days the other!

किधर है सत्य

Memories of Mrs Vyas, class 8 :)