Sunday, October 07, 2007

Books & movies

Quick reviews of last months fare ..

Google Story -
I'm one of those people for whom the "net" was almost synonymous with Google. Considering that most sites took ages to load, its speed was rather awe inspiring. And I did occasionally wonder - who pays for this? Because of course I had seen the banner flashing ads on most other sites, and my favorite web page's snow white background was a bit of mystery.

The book is an interesting read, giving some of the answers. It also unravels the mystery of the company for people like me who haven't really read much about its history, and are quite curious about where it started, how it grew, and of course how it stays in business! It would be a bit of a stretch to really believe the "Do no evil" but yes it good to see at least the pretensions!

Deception Point -
Regular pot boiler from Dan Brown. Readable and forgettable :)

The Bourne Ultimatum -
The final bit of the trilogy, very fast paced and well executed, cool action, perfect editing, not to mention Matt Damon, who is just perfect. - Drool :) The denouement though, was a bit of a disappointment. But then again, better this, than a convoluted scheme that makes your head hurt when you try to comprehend it!

Got myself a DVD player today, so hopefully some movies shall be enjoyed at home soon. And of course there's "Snow" which I've recently begun and it promises to be good!


rahul said...

I have to watch some movies now too! Am reading something on time travel, not bad.
Try to put your books on for benefit of people like us :-)

rahul said...

leave your booklist on for benefit of lesser mortals like me :-)
i m reading something on time travel, not bad actually.

rahul said...

i left two comments thinking first one has been lost or something!