Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ram setu

Warning to the religious minded - read further at your own risk , the blog post may offend your sentiments. Don't get masochistic and then come whining back with "I'm hurt by your intolerant attitude" stuff.

The news just gets funnier and funnier!

- "Its not man made, we should go ahead with the Sethusamudram proj. "
- "Oops , lets beat BJP at their own game, no no the prj was a mistake, its totally divine. "
- And then there is dear madam with her national monument shit.

what is it with human beings and their religions?

Is it the infantile urge in us to believe in Santa Claus?
- bhagwan sab theek kar dega, woh jo karta hai achche ke liye karta hai. Sab bhagwan ka diya hai.
Yeah right, including the schizophrenia.

Is it search for the silver bullet to all problems?
- woh sab dekh raha hai.
Yeah right, he's big brother with a million cameras, waiting for you to slip up so that he can eat you for breakfast. And of course he has nothing better to do.

Is it the fear of the unknown ?
-karva chauth ka vrat nahi rakha to tera pati mar jayega.
Yeah right, don't you see the husbands of non-fast keeping population dying like flies?

Is it the stupid side of us which wants to let its hair down , tired of being rational the whole day? Listening to talks about the love of jesus and suchlike stuff?

Is it the bully friend we want when we want to bully down others?
- kaafiron ke khilaf fatwe , jihad bla bla bla.
Yeah right, it has a to be super smart caring and kind god, who would create a world with a few chosen ones belonging to the "true" religion, and the others are obviously created simply to be killed by the "true" religions followers (by birth.)

I mean really ! I just don't get it . The mass consumption religions were either created with , or gathered so much dirt around them that their core philosophies, if any, are totally not visible at all!

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