Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm home!

Landed in dear dilli, started getting nostalgic right away- the Good and the Bad.. Hindi speaking counter person! gol gappa stalls on the way! Gud ol DTC buses! Real 4 lane roads! Moving traffic! Hindi sign boards! Typical haryanvi tehzeeb! Warm and humid weather!

And then, within an hour of landing, before I'd even got off from the taxi, the Ugly of course reared its head, if you're in Delhi and you're a female, how long before you get stared down? even if you're not walking down any road?? hmm not even an hour , thats the current record.

Chuckled as the first thought that came to mind was the opening scene from an ol favourite - Hyderabad Blues. The "I'm home" nostalgia abruptly interrupted by a mooing black bull, jutting its face into the car. The resemblance was uncanny :)

Its easier to chuckle now, knowing I'm escaping back to traffic jam country tomorrow!


Niranjan said...

Not taking away any discomfort or insult you and the entire womanhood suffer due to the vulgar gestures and stares of us men, would like to point out that even women resort to "staring" at men they find interesting. Noticed it many a times at many places... yes I agree again, most of the times mens' 'nazar' is "bad".

Tess said...

Nothing wrong with looking, but there's a diff bw looking and staring, ( as you said "bad")

Not denying the fact that women may also stare or even harass men, but its about the stats, which in my view are about 1:1000.

Almost ever day of my life in Delhi, that I stepped out of the house, I could count at least one tiny or big instance of something I could do without.