Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pot Pourri

It was an interesting independence day..

Started off with a visit to Mythri, reminded me of a lot of things I'd forgotten , or preferred to forget.

Pondered on some discussions about relationships with friends. Something a friend is going through hits rather close home.

Watched a movie at the PVR here, and vowed never ever to watch one there again. A post about the service levels in long over due. Whats amazing is not that the service levels are abysmal, but that there is not even a feeling among the vendors that something is wrong somewhere, that there is anything like a concept of quality, meeting commitments, standards.. Perhaps my own job is pretty much the same, commitments not met, but I can never imagine lying with my chest puffed up and shouting back to an end user...

As for the movie Blue Umbrella, I loved the first half. I'm not sure whether the second half in general was a little slow, and abstract, or whether I was shaking with too much rage to really appreciate it. Either ways its a movie worth watching ..

The day ended with holding a four hour old baby, I touched her cheeks and they felt like they would just melt away! A really amazing feeling..

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