Monday, August 13, 2007

Idols with feet of clay.

I've been watching a few of these music talent shows on tv off and on, for which addiction parents are solely to be blamed - they made me realise the presence of those channels!

Funnily enough, probably the most popular of the lot has the worst singers. In fact I'd go so far as to say that my school's singing contexts often featured better and more consistent singers. And there wasn't anyone I can remember at school who had taken any classical training . Really makes me wonder, is this the best that so called all india contests can be?

I'm no expert , but even to my untrained ear, the notes often sound off, and I feel myself cringe and rush for the remote. After much thinking I've come up with a theory - ( yes I've living a very busy life, I know!)

The abysmal quality is there, becuase that is what the channel was looking for. After all if they had a room full of good singers, where would the voting armchair experts involvement be ? - Thus must have thought the powers that be. Like me the voting junta would not be able to tell the one from the other. Currently there's much debate about "performance" vs singing. However the more self respecting of the aam junta can still claim to be able to differentiate between some of the singing and vote on "merit" because some are so patently bad!

The fact that inspite of such dumbing down of the singing, many a time the voting is based on factors other than singing, does make a mockery of the claims of the "singing" contest. Perhaps the channel needn't have nothered with dumbing down, there would have been plenty of other things for us to base our voing on. The size of the contestent's pimples, how cutely they smile, which state they are from, their life's sob sotories, how provocative their dresses are. :)

As I read somewhere , remember when dealing with human being, rember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatues brimming with prejudice.. or words to that affect.


Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

TV, worldwide, is a poo-pile at best. I wonder why does the idiot-box still considered to be a source of "entertainment". It can only breed generations of consumerist, disinformed, unmeritorious, sociopathic, pea-headed monsters who will take the society down with them.
I only hope that some day one of the losers (I mean literally: the contestants who do not win) loose it and starting winging the no-talent judges and the show organisers alike.
Now THAT'S what I would call entertainment. :)

Tess said...

I don't pan it in such strong terms, since I don't think its alone in the dumbing down mania. And I think you much over estimate its power in the breeding of the many adjectived monsters, which are being created by influences from all over, whether its the newspapers and magazines, the websites, the ads we are exposed to, and society as a whole.

I still watch it mostly for movies and the occassional series, some of which used to be quite good. That it's degenerating at an alarming pace is hardly surprising, its just keeping pace with the rest of the media ..