Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monthly update :)

Been an interesting month, travelled , worked ( for a change!) , met friends, saw some new places, read a few books, watched a few movies. Not bad for a month!

Saw "Little Miss Sunshine" which I found really sweet and funny. Reminded me of trans America for some reason. The irony is rather delightful, and the humour throughout is rather good.

Also saw the Namesake, which was passable, worth a watch.

The one which reall let me down was "The Last King of Scotland". I'd been warned about the alleged gore and hard hitting stuff, which hadn't worried me much. But I didn't find any, at least not until the stage where I watched it, it seemed so entirely predictable that I finally gave up. Perhaps it can be watched for the superlative acting, but as a movie I couldn't be bothered to watch it to completion..

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