Thursday, June 21, 2007

Am I a monster?

Found something I totally totally relate with in this

I'd often spent my childhood years asking myself that exact question, and could never understand the unrealistic ( at least thats the way it seemed to me) portrayal of what a woman is and what is mother should be. Then , as now, children seemed like so much pain and trouble, which some of us are probably better equipped to deal with than others. Just like any other pain and trouble - different people deal with pain differently. Some imbibe it, some face it, some turn away from it, some turn it around. Does the fact that some people can't deal with some kinds of pain well, make them any less human? I definitely don't think so. Yes the perpetuation of the species is very important, and sure , a lot of social norms stem from that, but hey, isn't it time that we recognised it as such?

It still makes me mad when I see the women around me, some of whom I deeply admire, taking the blame for everything that seems to be going wrong with their children, aching to live up to the hallowed portrayal of "motherhood". So often they've already done enough to be considered saints, but then the standards for sainthood for women are probably much higher than men.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another year goes by..

ek saal aur beeta, aur humne kuch greys aur haasil kiye, ek aadha thoda chupa sa wrinkle bhi kahin chehre se jhaank raha hai - of course abhi use bahut microscope se dekhna padta hai ;) cavity badhi, sunai kam diya, nazar barkara hai.

hmm so what were the years accomplishments? oops bad que to ask, since I don't know the answer to that.

so what are the plans for the next year? ouch ! equally bad que, I don't know that either.

Not sure if I have a script for life, or a goal.. Maybe this year I'll find one, till then I'm just a on looker, watching life go by.