Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not again..

Sigh, I'm down with cold and fever .. again! That makes it the umpteenth time since I started working, and perhaps the 5th time in the past few months. :( If I look back at college, I hardly ever remember falling ill, barring the usual cramps. Whats happened?? Double sigh!

Now wouldn't it be nice if falling ill meant that you could lie comfortably in bed and be pampered with healthy food and fruits? Have your whims and fancies catered to? Be able to miss work, knowing that it would all be taken care of?

Unfortunately, none of that happens, all I get to do is watch bad tv with aching watery eyes, and wonder what I'm going to do for food, and try to eat khichdi, which is not only self make, but self made when self is in fever.. now can it get much worse??

1 comment:

Rohit said...

When I was a kid Dad used to bring comics, Frooti and Fun Flips whenever I fell sick :)