Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rainy car!

Hmmph, so there's this really really wierd ad on tv, which always bugged the hell out of me. So there's this so called Sunshine car, whose flagship family is as follows:

The kid is a little devil , who smashes his cricket/tennis balls into cakes of neighbours, and has no sense of courtsey, just the apalling manners of a little brat "aunty ball please" - no apology , no nothing!

The mother is a rather provocatively dressed female, (hmm did she leap off the page 3 parties, or were her origins redder in color???) who is quite comfortable in flirting with the neighbour under the guise of borrowing something or the other.

The neighbours are SRK and wife (can it get any worse).

Gosh, if there's one car I'd hate to be associated with purely on the basis of its ads - its the "Sunshine car". Wonder whatever happened to the good ol fashioned manners and courtsey in this country?? Not only have we lost them, we actually flaunt the loss!

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