Monday, January 29, 2007

Did the tumor come first?

So there is the much done to death question, how can human being behave in such an inhuman manner? I refrain to even use the phrase "behave like animals" , because I really don't think any animals can come up with our level of expertise in giving pain for the sake of giving pain, simply because we dislike "them" ?

I'm not sure there are any simple answers, its not really about whether the riots were a response to train burning, or whether the train burning was a response to masjid demolitions, or whether the bombs came first or the retaliation to them... the stack can unwind endlessly. The starting point I feel is always the differenciation of "us" and "them". Here its religion, at other times it can be various other convinient and not so convinient ways of compartmentatlisation. Gender, region, language, caste, what not. Eventually its the feeling of how "we" are good and "they" are not.

Sad, but I guess thats how it is.

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